’ve met Roz Savage a number of times. I’ve listened to her talks at various events and online and I’ve eagerly tracking her adventures across various Oceans, so I was eager to to get into the mind of this inspiring women through her latest book,  “Stop Drifting, Start Rowing”.

An incredible voyage to row thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean alone, a daring quest to become the first woman to row three Oceans and to highlight her new role as an environmental advocate to clean up our oceans and seas.

From start to finish, I was gripped. Like many situations in life, from the outside they can appear, monotonous. Rowing a vast Ocean each day doesn’t sound too exciting on the face of it, but having flown through a few hundred pages of nothing short of adventure, passion and great deal of challenges, this book was anything but boring.

This book is a very compelling read. I was so engrossed in the adventure, I felt disappointed when Roz’s solitude was interrupted by the many challenges that interrupted this monumental adventure, and I felt I wanted to “stay solo with her” on one of life’s great adventures.

Her writing displays her creative flare, intelligence, many nuggets of wisdom and importantly her passion for life and as a serious environmentalist, this little blue planet that we live on and quite frankly abuse.  

It’s fair to say that Roz has taught me so much more than I was aware of through many of her environmental work. I found myself researching “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” and “Global Fish Stocks” to name but a few, and being completely shocked at the facts that lay before me, why isn’t this in the worlds press?

I started asking, "What difference can I make on this planet?"

This writing is much more than an adventure story, although a wonderful real life adventure at that. Roz highlights the state of the planet we live on, the plight of many of the people around the world that our lives affect and how if we really look at ourselves, how many of us are truly happy and living life with authenticity, passion and love for the world and the human beings we live with.

I shall leave you with some words from Roz herself,

“My search for happiness and meaning took place on the pacific, but I hope that we are all, in our own ways, searching for happiness and meaning, and where and how we conduct that search matter not one iota.

This is what binds us, our shared mission as conscious and evolving human beings."

Jul 31, 2016

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