or even those who don't really have an interest in basketball, the name LeBron James may still sound familiar. From being spotted as a natural player in highschool, LeBron James's career launched him to become one of the greatest NBA basketball players. In the above video it becomes clear that he is aware of what responsibility comes with a reputation of this stature.

"It's my responsibility to be more than an athlete."

During his off-season, the famous basketball player went on a quest to visit teens in different countries to inspire and empower them. He preaches the importance of self-care and believing in your dreams, having suffered other's doubts in his character himself.

Giving back is crucial for LeBron as he feels responsible to be more than an athlete, and he wishes to spread the message that through hard work and not giving up, anything can be possible.

"It's all different shapes and sizes, all different age groups, doesn't matter what your race is, it doesn't matter where you're from...the game of basketball brings everyone together."
Jul 26, 2019

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