Ironman Record Holder Breaks His Neck And Becomes The Man with the Halo

Tim Don talks about recovering from his accident and getting back into his sport routine.

How Running Can Help You Overcome Adversity

A short movie about people overcoming difficult situations by running.

Blind Runner Makes History at Half Marathon With Guide Dogs

Thomas Panek crossed the finish line at the New York City Half Marathon, making him the first blind man in history to complete the race with guide dogs.

Sue Strachan: challenge perceptions of dementia by running a marathon

Sue Strachan wants to 'challenge perceptions' of dementia by running a marathon.

Running changes lives, has it changed yours?

I RUN ON, a short film about the transformative power of running, preceded the European cinema release of the award-winning documentary film SKID ROW MARATHON

The Man Inside the Marathon Running Machine

Steve has consistently run sub 3:30 marathons 700 times; he has completed over 778 marathons since he first started in the 1980's when he was 18, that's 1 marathon every 14 days for the last 30 years.

Thank You For Calling Me Fatso (AV)

This article presents a story of a woman that was once bullied and focuses on how she dealt with it and how it influenced her life.

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