rielle Sanders, a high performance, competitive rower whose university life once revolved around her sport and team mates. Going from novice to senior women's captain during her second year, she was on the roll to becoming the one to beat in her crew.

After so much focus and commitment to rowing, she was left devastated and wasn't able to handle the stress and mental pain that came with the injury.

With the help of a university group called 'Athletes Connected', in which student athletes suffering from similar issues as Arielle are able to rely on each other for moral support, talk about their journey and find a new direction whether it involves their sport or not, in order to aid them through their recovery and keep a positive attitude throughout.

Arielle carried on her rowing journey after being elected student coach, as well as continuing to focus on individual training and coping with mental toll her injury took on her.



Sep 12, 2018

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