The Man Inside the Marathon Running Machine

Steve has consistently run sub 3:30 marathons 700 times; he has completed over 778 marathons since he first started in the 1980's when he was 18, that's 1 marathon every 14 days for the last 30 years.

Marvellous Mimi Breaks World Record (AV)

Mimi Anderson is the fastest female to have crossed Ireland on foot. This article describes her inspirational story.

Meet Christopher Wilno: 4x Ironman (EJ)

A truly inspirational story of how Christopher Wilno found light in the darkest times with the thanks to Ironman. Chris' story is a fantastic reminder to keep going when times get tough.

It's Time To Shift Perspectives On Mental Health (AV)

The motivational story of Dr. Tamsin Lewis of overcoming adversity and depression and how she did it.

The Marathon Race Strategy (AV)

Michael Phan explains how to prepare for a marathon and gives key insights into the world of running.

StrongmanRun 2012 (AV)

Introduction to StrongManRun and its members, the experiences they had and what motivated them.

Seb4CHUF C2C Challenge (AV)

The article gives insights into the Seb4CHUF challenge and the participants.

Beginners-Guide-To-Triathlon (AV)

Here's a guide that introduces triathlon and gives many insights.

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