Run Specific Warm Up (AV)

Michael Phan explains the right way to warm up before a run.

How Alcohol Affects Your Body And Your Workout (AV)

This article discusses what effect does alcohol have on the human body and presents research made by the top nutritions - James Collins.

Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition (AV)

It's the ultimate guide to a healthy nutrition when it comes to workouts.

Is Endurance Sport Damaging Our Hearts? (HK)

Challenging sports don't cause heart damage but it is important to tune with your body and listen to your heart after training.

Insufficient Energy Intake During Exercise Can Lead To Illness (AV)

The leading performance nutritionist - James Collins, talks about the importance of energy intake during exercise and reveals an experiment he has done with military soldiers.

Get Fit On Your Way To The Office (AV)

An article dedicated to explaining how one can get into shape simply by cycling on the way to work.

Never Too Old To Get Active (AV)

A motivational story to explain why one should always stay active.

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