Christopher Brisley


Forming habbits (AV)

In this article there are around 30 suggestions of new habits one can adopt in order to better their lives.

Don't Age Gracefully - Wisdom & Strategies For Successful Aging | Fitness

Dr. Charles Marin Eugster was born on the 26th July 1919, he lived until the 27th April 2017, 97 years of what ended as a fulfilling life and an ever lasting inspiration message, successful ageing requires work, diet and exercise. I had the pleasure of interviewing him shortly before this video.

Corinne, a fit young women with her whole life ahead of her, until she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect | Heart Surgery to Ironman Triathlon

Corinne Ellison (now Pryer), was a fit young woman with her whole life ahead of her until she was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. A diagnosis that would not only dramatically change her own life but would touch the hearts of thousands around the world.

The Man Inside the Marathon Running Machine

Steve has consistently run sub 3:30 marathons 700 times; he has completed over 778 marathons since he first started in the 1980's when he was 18, that's 1 marathon every 14 days for the last 30 years.

Thank You For Calling Me Fatso (AV)

This article presents a story of a woman that was once bullied and focuses on how she dealt with it and how it influenced her life.

A Norwegian Time-lapse Adventure (EJ)

Take 5 minutes of relaxation with this beautiful time-lapseÔÇő adventure through Norway

Marvellous Mimi Breaks World Record (AV)

Mimi Anderson is the fastest female to have crossed Ireland on foot. This article describes her inspirational story.
Water Sports

Kayaking Around Great Britain (AV)

Dr. Martin Lee took on a big adventure when he spent 97 days kayaking around Great Britain.

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