Recovery from an Endurance Event (HK)

Instructions for recovery after crossing the finishing line.

Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition (AV)

It's the ultimate guide to a healthy nutrition when it comes to workouts.

The Lure of the Low-Fat Trap (HK)

The low-fat foods which pretend to be healthy diet mostly alternated fat with chemicals and artificial sweeteners.

The Benefits Of The Humble Beetroot (AV)

This articles covers what humble beetroot is, how it can be used, what are the benefits as well as a case study, supporting the statements.

How to eat before a run (HK)

Energy foods for running - how to eat them in the right way

Insufficient Energy Intake During Exercise Can Lead To Illness (AV)

The leading performance nutritionist - James Collins, talks about the importance of energy intake during exercise and reveals an experiment he has done with military soldiers.

Another Reason For Performers To Hit Dietary Fruit And Veg Targets (HK)

The daily consumption of fruits and vegetables increased dilation of the blood vessels, which is potentially improving the function of the body's vascular system.

How Alcohol Affects Your Body And Your Workout (AV)

This article discusses what effect does alcohol have on the human body and presents research made by the top nutritions - James Collins.

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