great post this morning from a friend of mine listing some habits for 2019.


30 or so habits you can try and adopt in 2019

The idea isn't that you need to do EVERYTHING, but if you're struggling for things to actually do differently in 2017 this might give you some inspiration...

1) Write down things that are on your mind (as Einstein said, paper is to write things down that we need to remember, our brains are for thinking)

2) Start a Bullet Journal (here’s a great explanation of how to get started with any old notebook bulletjournal.com)

3) Create a list of your own rules (e.g. max 1 cup of coffee a day, no email checking or social media before 9am or after 9pm etc.) and WRITE THEM DOWN!

4) ‘Get up with purpose’ - set up your first task of the day the night before, e.g. get your training gear laid out if you’re hitting the gym or going for a run

5) Choose a skill you’ve always wanted to learn, and commit just 10 minutes a day to getting started. This might not be sufficient to mastering it, but it’ll be enough to get you off the mark and give you the foundation to build on if you later decide to commit more time to it.

6) Alkalise your body first thing in the morning. I drink Lean Greens https://leangreens.com/?idev_id=6 for this but you can get a similar alkalising benefit by drinking a cup of hot water & lemon

7) Cut out sugar for 7 days at the start of every month

8) Spend 2 minutes mobilising your spine first thing in the morning (e.g. twists, side bends, forward bends)

9) Start supplementing with omega 3, multivitamin, magnesium and Vitamin D

10) Have a greens drink like Lean Greens https://leangreens.com/?idev_id=6 every morning to ‘cover your bases’

11) Use cold-filtered, virgin coconut oil to cook with

12) Have a higher protein breakfast like eggs instead of cereal

13) Start meditating for just 5 minutes a day

14) When you come across a motivational video you want to watch, add it to a list you can easily access when you have the time
15) Watch a TED talk once a week

16) Stretch your back and hips for 7 minutes each morning

16) Plan your day the night before (try the SELF Journal to help with this)

17) Begin a Gratitude Log, where you write down 3 things you have been grateful for during the day just before you go to sleep

18) Begin a Victory Log, where you write down 3 ‘wins’ you have had during the day - no matter how small

19) Create a folder of photographs that visually represent your goals on your phone and then spend 2 minutes focusing on them every morning

20) Write a 3 day food diary once a month so I can help assist you Mk

21) Eat mindfully and slowly

22) Do a 16 hour fast once or twice a month

23) Hit 10,000 steps a day even if it means pacing around your living room in the evening

24) After finishing a non-fiction book make a note of your main things you have learned, and how specifically you’re going to apply them to your own life

25) Eradicate ‘universals’ and ‘absolutes’ from your language (e.g. everybody, nobody, always, never etc.) or if you do catch yourself using them, immediately look for the exceptions to disprove them

26) Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go and aim to drink at least 2 litres a day

27) Before you walk in the door after a busy day of work, take 60 seconds to sit quietly, breathe deeply, affirm your Values (if you’re clear on what they are) and focus on how you want to show up for your family

28) When somebody pays you a compliment, learn to accept and say thank you instead of deflecting or excusing

29) Say YES to more opportunities, even when they’re disguised as big scary things surrounded with uncertainty

30) Spend 30 minutes on a Wednesday and a Sunday planning your meals for the week


P.S. Don’t take life too seriously.

Have fun, be present, be curious.

Practice taking pleasure from even the most mundane experiences and remember that you’re not just going somewhere, you are somewhere.

Thanks Mr Anderson see u in the gym buddy

Jan 5, 2019

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