ormer Michigan football student-athlete Will Heininger shares his story of overcoming depression and self-doubt while playing for the Wolverines. As a 19-year-old Ann Arbor native, he achieved his dream of playing for the Wolverines, yet hated his life.

Will had all the classic symptoms of suffering from depression, every second of everyday was a struggle for him to get through. Feeling alone, helpless and ready to give up, Will thought he had met the end of this journey both athletically and academically. Until his coach noticed his struggling and signed him up for therapy.

With the help of his coaches, colleges and teachers, Will was able to openly speak about his issues and seek the help he needed. He learned that talking about your problems will not only bring you a big bouquet of love, support and compassion but also help you to heal and grow.

Soon enough, Will was back playing football better than ever before, his grades improved and was a social butterfly among all his friends.


To read more about how talking about your problems and seeking help can get you through time of stress, anxiety and depression, click here.

"Theres hope, even when your brain tells you there isnt" - John Green



Nov 5, 2018

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