ally Fayhee talks about her struggles with mental illness.

"As athletes, we spend our whole life trying to beat the current."

She shares that her life dream was to become an Olympic swimmer, but was never able to reach her goal. Since then, Kally became consumed by numbers and measuring every little detail, from her swim time to her waist line. It was a tough battle for her to fight and eventually, she spoke about it and got the help she deserved.

"The people around me helped pull me out."

The swimmer was brave enough to reach out and stop suffering in silence, which led her to the realisation that the people around her provided her with support rather than judgement.

"I am not letting a measurement, a number, a time, define who I am."

Going through the difficult transition opened up a whole new world for Kally, once her perception changed. She emphasises on the fact that it is okay to admit your lows so that you can enjoy the highs.


Aug 30, 2018

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